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Adicionado 15 Dec, 2020 | Votos: 247
País: UK
Região: London

The Buttocks to the Extremo - MBN, is a set of techniques and actions elaborated and gathered in video lessons, that teaches how to increase and tone the muscles of the buttocks in a natural way. Through simple actions carried out at home or in gyms, it is a complete guide, covering from training, diet and supplementation, all in a clear and succinct language so that it can be understood by everyone. In addition, the butt method brings to the female audience, a novelty in the subject that most bothers women in general, that the lack or little elevation in the gluteal muscles, in this way, the Gluteal Course to the Extreme - MBN, addresses the theme and brings the best for the development of the glutes and legs.
Facilitates up to 11 times on the credit card.
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